Reinvesting to
Serve You Better

Technology and efficiency go hand in hand.
ellis technology

We offer speed, process control, and environmentally friendly practices.

We are backed by some of the most sophisticated quality assurance and distribution systems in North America. We welcome the challenge of any project that requires an innovative design or finish with both our printing processes of Lithography and Primography. Our Komori PDC-SX image compare, GlobalVision ScanProof, and Eye-C 100% inspection systems for digital proof matching are deployed for print accuracy, while Valco scanning systems on our finishing equipment ensure product integrity and conformance to all specifications.

Custom designed software applications for VMI, JIT & EDI programs are second nature to a group who understand the changing realities of inventory management and product distribution. We manage short runs, long runs, premium and simple commodities. Whether it is security tag label application, in-line braille embossing, or any number of other value-add services available to folding cartons, our group of integrated manufacturing operations is ready for any task or trends that the industry brings.

Investing in the latest technologies is second nature to us at The Ellis Group. We understand the driving nature of our customer’s customer and ultimately of the end consumer. We offer speed to market, process control and environmentally-friendly practices that ultimately come from a group dedicated to seeking out and acquiring industry shaping technologies and practices.

ellis technology

Reducing our environmental footprint one package at a time

For more than 50 years, the Ellis Group has produced sustainable packaging to collectively reduce its environmental footprint. To meet the increased demand for environmentally-responsive products, we are committed to minimizing energy consumption and partnering with suppliers and utilizing raw materials that meet our exacting environmental criteria. In addition, all three of our facilities are FSC® certified.