Sustainable Forest Initiative


Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Ellis Packaging has been producing sustainable packaging for over 25 years; this is nothing new to us. What’s new is awareness, environmental sustainability is on minds of all North Americans right now and what’s important to the Ellis Group is to not only be a good corporate citizen but also have the social awareness and being responsible for what we take out of and put back into the Environment every day. Some of our current initiatives are as follows:

  • Reducing waste by working closely with our waste collection partner, Metro Waste.
  • Evaluating methods of improving our current power usage and how the power is composed, installation of Miser lighting which has already reduced power consumption by 15%.
  • FSC® / SFI Certification achieved Aug 08. We are one of the first in Canada.
  • Continue conducting VOC audits.
  • Utilizing the M.I.S. and documentation / record control System to be more efficient but also as much as possible a paperless workflow.
  • Review of Shipping methods and costs, (calculate emissions), create effective strategies for collective shipping across all facilities.
  • Vendor reviews for other types of eco friendly chemicals / materials, etc. for production.
  • General facility cleanliness and tidiness for production purposes but also for a cleaner environment for employees to work in.

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